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Painting in the backyard

We have been out in the backyard enjoying this nice cool weather! The boys love sitting out there and painting. I know it is wierd to some to see Sawyer in his little blue Cinderella dress but to us it is completely normal around here. He has worn it everyday since his birthday which was in May. He is still drawn to princess stuff and barbies. We don’t know where he came from but we sure love him and are told that he will grow out of it someday. As for now, we, or should I say, I am really enjoying this phase! Sawyer is such a sweet little boy.


Our Last day at the pool for the summer

Beau and I took the kids to the neighborhood pool one last time before it closed for the summer. Cavin was very timid at the beginning of the summer when we put him in swim lessons we had to bribe him to get in. He has come a long way. He loves the water now and is very confident and loves going under and diving down to get things. Here are some pictures of our great new neighborhood pool that we have enjoyed so much!