Girls Day Out

My Mom and I went shopping the other day. While We were at the store, I turned around to see this on my sweet baby. My Mom is always playing funny tricks. Saylor kept it on for a long time till she finally took it off and looked at it.

saylorhair2saylor hair




My friend Tami offered to throw me a baby girl shower. I thought it would be fun to have a shower and that we could just keep it really simple and I’d invite a few friends and keep it small. Well my shower was scheduled for last Saturday. Here is how things went. I had plans on Friday night for a girls night out with my Mom and sisters and sister in laws. We had planned to go to an 8:00 movie. My mom called me earlier in the day and said that she ran in to my sister in law Breck (Beau’s younger sister) at the store and Breck’s beautiful house is up for sale and my Mom has been wanting to see it. Well Breck told my Mom to just come by that evening, which was Friday night before we went to our movie. Breck mentioned she was having a Pampered Chef party and that her house would be all clean and to just pop by. We pulled up at Breck’s house around 7:00 and walked in the front door and I could see a BABY banner that was hung above her fireplace. I said to my Mom “It is not a Pampered Chef party it looks like a baby shower.” As we walked in around the corner the room was filled with dear friends and family that shouted “Surprise!”. I could not believe it! I was so surprised and could not believe it. The simple little shower I thought was taking place on Saturday turned into a big surprise party for me Friday night. Everything was amazing. The food was fantastic with delicious home made soups, salads, desserts and a lime slush drink that I drank about 10 glasses of! As you can see the decorations were right out of a Martha Stewart Magazine thanks to Tami. Thank you to all my dear friends & family that pulled off a great surprise and showered with me with beautiful gifts and love that evening. I will always remember that night.