Make Me laugh

Cavin layed down by Saylor the other day and she was hungry and trying to nurse on him…I said to Cavin….

“Saylor wants some of your breast milk” and Cavin said to me “Mom, my moles aren’t big enough.”




Our Newest Treasure

Beau went and helped clean out his Grandma’s house on Saturday and brought home this treasure. Without my acknowledgement he had put it in our front yard for everyone who drove by to see! The pictures don’t show you how big the statue actually is…It stands about 3 feet tall. Sawyer came and found me and said “Mommy come here” he then showed me the new addition to our front yard landscape. I laughed so hard! It still makes me laugh to think about it. That night we went and put it in my friend Tami’s front yard who lives around the corner from us. We put it there on Saturday night and drove by later in the day Sunday and it was still there! I start to laugh when I think of her finding it. I am sure she is wondering who in the heck put these half naked women in her garden!


Piggies in Transit!

We saw this Semi on the freeway the other day and I had to pull up on the side to see what the heck was inside. Here is what we found. I just happened to have my camera ready to go!

Other possible names for this post…”These little Piggies Went to Market” “Canadian Bacon Express” “Pig Hell” “If only Pigs Could Fly”

I had a few other ideas but they were not appropriate to post…

I sensed they were inappropriate when I mentioned the ideas to Beau and he didn’t laugh at all and I was laughing my head off (as I always do at my own jokes.)

Look closely at the pig body parts….I see a Ears, Eyes, Pig Feet, Tails and I think a few eyes.

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Better eat your carrots!

We were driving down the street the other day and Cavin and Sawyer were having a conversation in the back seat that went like this. Cavin says “Sawyer, do you see that sign up there? ” Sawyer’s reply “No where?”…Cavin then says “I ate 2 carrots today so I can see it and you need to eat carrots so you can see it.”

We have been telling Cavin & Sawyer that Carrots are very good for them especially their eyes. Oh they are so dang cute.


Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

Cavin & Sawyer both love “The Wizard of Oz” and Sawyer is always singing the song Ding Dong the Witch is Dead. He was even singing it one Sunday while we were at church in Sacrament meeting. It is a catchy song. This morning was so funny because Sawyer found this pom pom in our basement and I saw him on our floor with the pom pom. I went over to him and he looked up at me and said, “the witch is dead mommy”. Ha Ha.