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Happy Birthday to my sweet sister!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister, Brit. Thank you for being my best friend and Sister. I treasure the years we shared a room growing up. I will always remember how we laughed ourselves to sleep all those nights.  I love living near you and having our boys grow up together.  What would I ever do without you.

I love you.



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Sweet’s Candy Factory Tour

I asked Cavin what he wanted to do for his birthday and he chose a tour of the candy factory. It was so much fun.  They took us on a 40 minute tour and Cavin and all of the other kids were in heaven seeing all of the candy! It was so fun to see the pipes that ran a long the top of the ceiling in the factory that were labeled “Corn Starch” “Sugar” & “Chocolate”. We were given candy samples a long the way & Cavin even got to pick out a package of candy at the store since he was the Birthday boy! He loves Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and he asked where Willy Wonka was while we were there. Unfortunately, he was taking a nap so we didn’t get to see him & the Oompa Loompas only work the night shift so we didn’t get to see them either.

What a fun day! 

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Happy Birthday Cavin!

 Today is Cavin’s special Birthday! He is now 4 years old and some of you already know but he was born on 4.4.04 at 4AM!He is such a special boy and he has brought us so much joy.We will be celebrating his Birthday in May with Sawyer’s but today we will be doing things Cavin loves, going to the movies, (Nim’s Island) Making pancakes and opening his gifts from his Mom & Dad. To top it all off it is going to be 60 degrees out and beautiful so I am sure we will be outside most of the day!

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! 



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Today is our sweet Mom Pam’s Birthday. We love you so much and thank you for all that you do to enrich our lives. You are such a fun loving person who cares so much about each person in our family. We love how you live life to the fullest!

We just love you to pieces!


Now you all know where Beau get’s his fix on Non-Alcoholic Beer!


Pam and her Grand boys 2 years ago


Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Mom.
I have so many fun memories with you. You have made my life so happy.
I just have to share one of the funniest stories about you.
My mom and sisters and I were waxing each others eyebrows one day and my mom mentioned she would like to darken her eyebrows a little so she had the grand idea of using dad’s moustache dying kit. We got it out and I helped her carefully apply it to her eyebrows. We let it sit on her brows for a few minutes and she went in her bathroom to rinse off the dye. She came out of her room a few minutes later and she was literally crying. I looked at her eyebrows and they looked like “Groucho Marx” moustaches above each of her eyes. I felt so bad we had ruined her eye brows. What were we going to do now? Bleach them? After a few minutes my Mom settled down a little and we realized she was laughing. She was laughing so hard she was crying. She was never crying with sadness she was crying because she thought it was so funny. I didn’t see what was so funny, her eybrows were in need of some professional help. As my Mom calmed down a little she started to tell us something but she was still laughing so hard we couldn’t understand her. She continued to tell us that she had tricked us. She had put mascara on her eyebrows after she rinsed the dye to play a joke on us. We then all laughed ourselves sick. Her brows ended up looking just fine after the dye job. I wish I had a picture to post from that day. This is just an example of the fun Mom I have. She makes our family complete and she keeps us laughing.
Happy Birthday