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My Little Punzel Girl

Saylor has chosen to be Punzel this year. Here is her 2012 Halloween Costume.



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California Girls

I came across this Video today and it made me laugh. My girlfriends and I made this music video 2 years ago. Here is what happens when you get a bunch of Mom’s out of the house for the weekend.

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First Day of School for sweet Sawyer James

This sweet little boy has been waiting for his turn to go to school for an entire year. Last year Sawyer drove with me to drop of Cavin to school and each day Sawyer longed to go with him.  There were many days Sawyer would cry because he wanted his turn to go to Preschool. Sawyer’s turn is finally here and he loves it so much! His first day of school he was up at 6:30am asking me to get him ready so we could go.  When I walked him into class that first day, the first question he asked his teacher was “Do you have any princess barbies I can play with?” Oh he is so dang cute.