Our Last day at the pool for the summer


Beau and I took the kids to the neighborhood pool one last time before it closed for the summer. Cavin was very timid at the beginning of the summer when we put him in swim lessons we had to bribe him to get in. He has come a long way. He loves the water now and is very confident and loves going under and diving down to get things. Here are some pictures of our great new neighborhood pool that we have enjoyed so much!


3 thoughts on “Our Last day at the pool for the summer

  1. Hey cute Carlson family! We just moved from Idaho to Southern Utah and in going through a bunch of stuff before the move I came across your blog address. It looks like you guys are all doing well, congratulations on your soon to be baby girl. Your family is beautiful.

  2. Cavin looks so big!! It kind of made me sad seeing those pictures, where did our little boy go?

  3. I am so sad that the pools are closing!! I am so glad that you guys got to enjoy the best part of summer one last time. Your fam is too cute and I am soooo excited to see your little girl! I now you have a ways away before she comes, but…..just thought I would mention it! Oh, heard tha Ben & Kristy had their baby girl! Have you seen her, how is Kristy? I got the cuttest text for Ben last night about how amazing she is! So cute to hear him say that…..super excited for them. Well hope all is well, would really like to get together when I come in for Christmas if you guys are around. Let me know!!

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