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Party Animals

We hired Scales and Tails of Utah to come to Cavin’s 6th Birthday party. It was so much fun! I highly recommend them for any birthday party. They did such a great job at entertaining the kids.  Cavin chose an animal themed menu: Hot “Dogs”, “Gator”ade, “Tiger’s” Blood Snow Cones for dessert. Now it is time to start planning Sawyer’s party!


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I am so thankful for my sweet little boys. I gave them Gratitude journals last week and told them to write down what they are thankful for each day. Cavin has been writing in his  journal and hasn’t missed a day. Here is a little peek at what he is thankful for. This is such a fun treasure to have and keep forever.

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Cavin learned how to go all the way across the Monkey Bars all by himself this month and he can also ride a 2 wheeler now! He is so determined and he doesn’t like you to help him too much. He likes to do it as much on his own as possible. He sets his mind to something and he does it. That’s my boy!


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My little 5 Year Old

My sweet Cavin turned 5 this past weekend. He got to choose an activity and a friend he would like to join him.  He chose the Kangaroo Zoo and he invited his Cousin Kaden.  We also had some neighbor friends and Kyra and her kids join us.  They had so much fun jumping and sliding. Cavin also requested Cheese Pizza for dinner and a Batman cupcake for dessert.  He opened his presents and played with them all weekend long.  For breakfast the next day we made him “Mountain Pancakes”, his favorite!

Here is a sweet story about Cavin, He had a bad dream a few days ago about a spider with 6 eyes. He ended up sleeping with us in our bed that night.  The next day he asked me “Mommy are they going to have a ride at Disneyland with Spiders?” I asked him “why” and he said “because I had that dream about the spider. ” I thought for a minute and realized where he was coming from.  He remembered that Disneyland is the place where all of your dreams come true!  He went on to say that “someone must have dreamed about Star Wars because they have Star Wars guys there.” Oh he is such a sweet boy.


We made these fun Lollipops for Cavin’s class at school.