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6 thoughts on “Email Me:

  1. Courtney!!!! WOW! It has been such a long time! Funny “bumping” into you on the internet. Funny what/who blogging can bring you across…. So fun to read your blog and catch up on all you have been up too. Your boys are adorable! Shoot me an email if you get a chance. I would love to catch up! and check out my blog at….

    Take care,
    Melissa (Sachse) Nickel

  2. What??? Are you prego??? I just saw this “Baby C” thing on your blog. Yea!!! Congratulations!!! We’re in Newport Beach for the summer (Jordan has a sumer internship with Hurley in Costa Mesa). We’ll be here until August 8th. We have lots to catch up on. Miss you!

  3. Thank you soooo much for putting the Conference Packet together. This is such a great activity for my Activity Day girls to do as a fun project!! I will look for this every conference!

  4. Courtney!!!! It was so good to get your card, and check out your blog! Someone is a little too good at photography! I loved your baby shower, so fun! I was aqquainted with Megan Maceivic many years ago in OC. My sister used to date Jeff before his mission, small world! Congratulations on your new little girl, I’m sure you are enjoying her very much. Feel free to visit our blog

  5. Hi,

    I wasn’t sure if I sent my other email to the right place so I thought I would send another one. I love your lemonade stand. It is very similar to the one I had envisioned building for my 6 year old daughter. Would you be willing to share any tips on how you built yours. I was going to hire a woodworker but any help you could give us would be great I love your blog! Hope your having a nice Thanksgiving weekend.
    Thank you!

  6. Hello,
    My name is Catherine and I really like your pictures of the whale shark. Is it okay if I use it in a school presentation? I am a freshman in college and my presentation is about shark finning. Please let me know if it’s okay with you. I will be giving credit to you or whomever took the picture directly below the picture on the poster. Thanks so much.

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