Our Painted Piano

Our kids have been taking piano lessons for about 6 months and have been practicing on a Keyboard since we didn’t own a piano. In November, I got thinking about a Christmas gift we could give our kids that would be something they would love. A Piano came to mind. They love to play the piano and there is nothing like listening to a real piano, it is just not the same on a keyboard. My neighbor had just bought an old piano so I got the number from they guy she bought hers from. I called him up and went and looked at what he had. I told him that I needed an upright that I can paint. He introduced me to this Baldwin.



It was perfect. Tom owns “Utah Piano’s” he buys pianos from auctions and he fixes them up and sells them out of his shop on the side of  his house. He made all the keys perfect and sanded it so that it was ready to paint once it was delivered to my house. I had to keep this entire project a secret from my kids so it was kind of tricky!


Here is Tom and my neighbor Jesse helping move the piano to the backyard so we could bring it in through our basement. Tom made a sled out of skis that he put the piano on to get it down the hill to our backyard.

Once we got it in the basement, Tom took the piano a part for me so I could paint the big pieces and paint it more easily. This made the painting process so much easier!

Here are some pictures I took during the painting process. It took 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Primer and 2 coats of High Gloss, Self Leveling paint by Benjamin Moore. The color I chose is called Chartreuse. I have been wanting to use this color for a long time.


My sweet sister Brittany came over and helped me paint it. We had to paint it while the kids were at school each day and slide it into my unfinished bathroom once it was dry to hide it.

I am so happy with how it turned out. If you plan on painting a piano, my advice to you is:

Have it sanded and paint ready before you have it delivered. You don’t want to be sanding it inside your home.

Self Leveling paint from Benjamin Moore was amazing to work with. It hides a lot of the brush strokes and as you can see it looks great!

I used a brand new Purdy brush from Ace Hardware. I learned that what you apply your paint with is just as important as the paint you use.

Have the piano taken apart if you can. It made painting it so much easier!

If you live in the Salt Lake City area and you need a great piano for a great price call Tom. He is the nicest man who went the extra mile to make my Christmas Surprise successful! HIs phone number is 801-599-2976. I paid $400.00 for our piano which included delivery. I also gave him an extra $100 for taking it all apart and coming back after it was all painted and putting it all back together for me.

Here is how it turned out!




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Happy Halloween 2012

What do Napolean Dynamite, The Wizard of OZ, Rapunzel and a Rich Man have in common? They all belong to me.

Beau can play the part of Napolean Dynamite really well.

When I passed this costume in the store, I had to get it for him. This picture cracks me up.


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The Wonderful Wizard of OZ

Sawyer has been obsessed with the Wizard of Oz this year. We took him to see “WICKED” and he has a whole new perspective of the show. Out of all the costumes in all the stores, he chose his own route….He chose to be The Wizard of Oz from the Emerald City.

Presenting Sawyer’s Halloween Costume 2012! I sure love this Boy, there is no one like him.


Color Me Rad 5K Fun Run/Walk Giveaway

The Latest Project I am working on is called “Breathing Space Blogger’s Retreat”.  My friends Aly & Cobi are putting the event together and asked me to join their team and help with all the “Cute Stuff”, decorating etc. I was naturally all about this because decorating for parties is always fun and having 75 house guests at the same time can’t be too bad right? It is going to be such an exceptional event and I am so excited to be a part of it!  So I hadn’t heard of “Color Me Rad” until they came on board as a sponsor for our “Breathing Space Retreat”. The darling ladies from Color Me Rad, gave me 1 free entry to giveaway that is good for any of the races in the U.S.  It is really easy! All you have to do is two things…First, check out the Breathing Space Facebook Page and “Like” it second  leave a comment on this post that you liked our facebook page for your chance to win! The Giveaway will end on Friday the 13th(spooky) at 11:00 PM MST. Kids 7 and under are FREE so I am hoping to run with my boys (see Color Me Rad website for details).

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