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Happy Halloween 2012

What do Napolean Dynamite, The Wizard of OZ, Rapunzel and a Rich Man have in common? They all belong to me.

Beau can play the part of Napolean Dynamite really well.

When I passed this costume in the store, I had to get it for him. This picture cracks me up.



Cavin as a “Rich Man” Halloween 2012

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Cavin loves Money….Who doesn’t right! He loves to earn it and he loves to save it. He even saves his tokens when we got to Classic Skating and the bathroom tokens that you have to get from the front counter at Restaurants in order to use their Restroom.

He chose to be a “Rich Man” for Halloween.

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The Wonderful Wizard of OZ

Sawyer has been obsessed with the Wizard of Oz this year. We took him to see “WICKED” and he has a whole new perspective of the show. Out of all the costumes in all the stores, he chose his own route….He chose to be The Wizard of Oz from the Emerald City.

Presenting Sawyer’s Halloween Costume 2012! I sure love this Boy, there is no one like him.

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Halloween 2008

Cavin & Sawyer were Oompa Loompa’s this year for Halloween!

They love Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

This was Beau’s costume this year. He sat on our porch and scared all of the big kids that came by. He was nice to the little ones. I heard several screams coming from our front porch. He had so much fun scaring people. He is already planning out next year.

All of the Cousins at Grandma Debi’s on Halloween