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Our Painted Piano

Our kids have been taking piano lessons for about 6 months and have been practicing on a Keyboard since we didn’t own a piano. In November, I got thinking about a Christmas gift we could give our kids that would be something they would love. A Piano came to mind. They love to play the piano and there is nothing like listening to a real piano, it is just not the same on a keyboard. My neighbor had just bought an old piano so I got the number from they guy she bought hers from. I called him up and went and looked at what he had. I told him that I needed an upright that I can paint. He introduced me to this Baldwin.



It was perfect. Tom owns “Utah Piano’s” he buys pianos from auctions and he fixes them up and sells them out of his shop on the side of  his house. He made all the keys perfect and sanded it so that it was ready to paint once it was delivered to my house. I had to keep this entire project a secret from my kids so it was kind of tricky!


Here is Tom and my neighbor Jesse helping move the piano to the backyard so we could bring it in through our basement. Tom made a sled out of skis that he put the piano on to get it down the hill to our backyard.

Once we got it in the basement, Tom took the piano a part for me so I could paint the big pieces and paint it more easily. This made the painting process so much easier!

Here are some pictures I took during the painting process. It took 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Primer and 2 coats of High Gloss, Self Leveling paint by Benjamin Moore. The color I chose is called Chartreuse. I have been wanting to use this color for a long time.


My sweet sister Brittany came over and helped me paint it. We had to paint it while the kids were at school each day and slide it into my unfinished bathroom once it was dry to hide it.

I am so happy with how it turned out. If you plan on painting a piano, my advice to you is:

Have it sanded and paint ready before you have it delivered. You don’t want to be sanding it inside your home.

Self Leveling paint from Benjamin Moore was amazing to work with. It hides a lot of the brush strokes and as you can see it looks great!

I used a brand new Purdy brush from Ace Hardware. I learned that what you apply your paint with is just as important as the paint you use.

Have the piano taken apart if you can. It made painting it so much easier!

If you live in the Salt Lake City area and you need a great piano for a great price call Tom. He is the nicest man who went the extra mile to make my Christmas Surprise successful! HIs phone number is 801-599-2976. I paid $400.00 for our piano which included delivery. I also gave him an extra $100 for taking it all apart and coming back after it was all painted and putting it all back together for me.

Here is how it turned out!





Easter Highlights 2011

Saylor Blue (photo by Lacey)

Sawyer and his Raggedy Ann Doll (Photo by Lacey)

Court (Photo by Lacey)

Cavin (Photo by Lacey)

Beau (Photo by Lacey)

The kids got Build a Bear Gift Cards in their Easter Baskets!

Sawyer’s Easter Goodies

Saylor Easter Bunny Teeth Sucker

Easter Egg Hunt at Gma Pam’s

Saylor’s Easter Basket Goodies

Cavin’s Easter Basket

Easter Breakfast. We had Quiche and Belgian Waffles with Fresh Strawberries.

Saylor’s Easter Loot

The Easter Bunny hid Cavin’s Basket in the Washer.

Each of the kids got a Golden Egg with Money in it!

Saylor’s Easter Basket Once Again

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries at Grandma Debi’s.

Grass Nests that Tami and I made.

Saylor and Mommy

Sweet Baby Girl loved hunting for treasures at Gma Debi’s Egg Hunt.

Gpa Ken

Grandpa’s Cute Garden full of hidden Easter Treasures.

Grandma Pam’s Easter Egg Hunt



Christmas Highlights 2010

Grandma Debi’s for Brunch and Presents.

Each of the Grand Kids got tickets to go see a movie with Grandma & Grandpa

and also a fresh stack of $1.00 bills to go spend at the toy store before the movie!

Our Christmas Sugar Cookies!

Christmas Eve!

Saylor admiring her new Bear & Sleeping Bag!Her very own Make up set!

Cavin gave me a present and taped a 1$ bill on the outside of it from his very own money.

I love his cute handwriting.

I opened Sawyer’s gift and almost cried. It is a bunch of ribbon wrapped up and taped that he made into the Baby Jesus.

He is so creative and thoughtful. Oh I love my kids!

Opening presents one by one.

Cavin’s gift to me. A Bell Necklace!

Saylor’s Very own Kitty!

Enjoying Christmas in our newly finished Basement!

Cavin’s new Spyder Jacket!

Saylor’s first dress ups!


Sawyer really loves Saylor’s new Christmas Dress Ups!

Santa left our Stockings upstairs to find.

Stocking Loot


Santa has been here!

Reindeer Evidence!

Beau & I

Grandma Pam & Grandpa Jim giving out presents to each of the Grandchildren.

Squinkies for Sawyer and a Tangled Game for his Leapster!

Cavin got the Donkey Kong game for the wii!

Saylor got a new baby with all the baby accessories.

One of our traditions is laying out all the kids gifts and taking a picture so we can remember what they got each year!

Saylor’s gifts

Cavin’s Gifts

Sawyer’s Figurines

Sawyer’s Gifts

Picture with Santa

I went downstairs on Christmas Eve to put a gift for Beau under the tree and I saw Santa reaching into his bag.

I ran and grabbed my camera and took a picture!

Christmas Decor

The Family Christmas Card


2010 Family Christmas Party and a little visit from Aunt Edna!

We go to my Cousin Kim’s house every year for the Garner Family Christmas Party. Well this year, her daughter got the Chicken Pox so we ended up having everyone over to our house.

The boys doing “Who’s Gotta Beard that’s Long and White?” with all the props.


Grandpa Ken with his Girls.


Tate & Ava

All the kids listening to Grandma Debi tell the story of the Candy Cane.Grandma Debi

Grandma gave all the kids a Candy Cane.Cavin reading  a Christmas Story that he wrote and Illustrated.

Now this….This is Aunt Edna who came to visit for Christmas. She is from Idaho.

Beau’s Sisters gave us the idea. They did this during Halloween time this year. I haven’t laughed that hard since.

Beau and I decided to invite her to our family party and so we did. We told the kids Aunt Edna is really old and she is visiting us from Idaho. She is in town for Christmas.

Morgan & Ashlee got a chair and Ashlee layed on the floor under the chair  and they put a sheet over the chair so you could not see Ashley underneath. They put a sheet over Ashlee’s legs and then put a mask and hat on her feet (pictured above). One by one we brought each of the kids in. It was dark in the room so they couldn’t see the details. We sat them on the chair right above Aunt Edna and let them ask her a few Yes or No questions. Aunt Edna would nod her head back and forth or up and down to answer but she did not speak.  After 2 questions had been asked, all the sudden Ashlee would lift her legs straight up so Aunt Edna’s face was right in the person’s sitting on the chair. It was frighteningly funny and something the kids or adults would always remember. I still laugh when I look at these pictures. Thanks Aunt Edna for visiting us we will never forget you!

This is sweet little Landon meeting her. He was even willing to give her a little kiss. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

Tate’s reaction. I also love the look on Eric’s face in this picture. He is really enjoying this moment.

The Twins

This is a shot of Saylor looking at Aunt Edna laying on the floor.

This is what happened after Aunt Edna stood up.

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New Year’s Day Sledding Party

It was only 15 degrees or less when we were out on this cold wintery morning.

We didn’t last too long out in the cold with the kids but the time we did have was very fun!

We set up a Hot Chocolate & Cookie Bar on Tami’s Porch

Ella & Tami


My Boys decorated these Snow Man Cookies

Austin & Addy

Rika & Alicia

Me & Tami Marie

My Big Brother RyanAvi & Cavin

Saylor Blue

Beau & Saylor