40 year old Sofa Sectional Reupholstered


My Grandma Fan passed away many years ago and she had fabulous taste. She and my Grandpa had this  amazing sofa. My cute Grandpa passed it on to me and we had it reupholstered recently. Take a look at the results. I love how it turned out. I think my Grandma Fan would love it too.


7 thoughts on “40 year old Sofa Sectional Reupholstered

  1. Like I said… 40 is the new 20!

  2. Oh my goodness, it looks amazing and I love the color! I am so glad I found your blog and I can’t wait to meet you at the Breathing Space retreat!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  3. That couch looks amazing!!! I love the color and the pillows!

  4. Hey Court, Your sectional looks so fantastic! Great fabrics. I wish I could have come to your blogging conference. Count me in next time!

    Warmly, Michelle
    PS – Thanks for the shout-out. Glad you liked the Jelly Bean Prayer. ;D

    • Hi Michelle, Thanks for your comment about the Sectional! The blogging Conference was great. I hope to see you there next time. I will make sure to let you know if we do it again! Hope your doing well!

  5. I have this EXACT Sectional!!! It’s thread bear and low and I was looking for a way to make it better and I’m in love with your transformation!

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