Easter Highlights 2011


Saylor Blue (photo by Lacey)

Sawyer and his Raggedy Ann Doll (Photo by Lacey)

Court (Photo by Lacey)

Cavin (Photo by Lacey)

Beau (Photo by Lacey)

The kids got Build a Bear Gift Cards in their Easter Baskets!

Sawyer’s Easter Goodies

Saylor Easter Bunny Teeth Sucker

Easter Egg Hunt at Gma Pam’s

Saylor’s Easter Basket Goodies

Cavin’s Easter Basket

Easter Breakfast. We had Quiche and Belgian Waffles with Fresh Strawberries.

Saylor’s Easter Loot

The Easter Bunny hid Cavin’s Basket in the Washer.

Each of the kids got a Golden Egg with Money in it!

Saylor’s Easter Basket Once Again

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries at Grandma Debi’s.

Grass Nests that Tami and I made.

Saylor and Mommy

Sweet Baby Girl loved hunting for treasures at Gma Debi’s Egg Hunt.

Gpa Ken

Grandpa’s Cute Garden full of hidden Easter Treasures.

Grandma Pam’s Easter Egg Hunt



2 thoughts on “Easter Highlights 2011

  1. Such a darling family! Looks like a fabulous Easter! So fun…
    love the money idea. 🙂

  2. Great pic’s! Your baskets are so well planned. I love those kids.

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