Christmas Highlights 2010


Grandma Debi’s for Brunch and Presents.

Each of the Grand Kids got tickets to go see a movie with Grandma & Grandpa

and also a fresh stack of $1.00 bills to go spend at the toy store before the movie!

Our Christmas Sugar Cookies!

Christmas Eve!

Saylor admiring her new Bear & Sleeping Bag!Her very own Make up set!

Cavin gave me a present and taped a 1$ bill on the outside of it from his very own money.

I love his cute handwriting.

I opened Sawyer’s gift and almost cried. It is a bunch of ribbon wrapped up and taped that he made into the Baby Jesus.

He is so creative and thoughtful. Oh I love my kids!

Opening presents one by one.

Cavin’s gift to me. A Bell Necklace!

Saylor’s Very own Kitty!

Enjoying Christmas in our newly finished Basement!

Cavin’s new Spyder Jacket!

Saylor’s first dress ups!


Sawyer really loves Saylor’s new Christmas Dress Ups!

Santa left our Stockings upstairs to find.

Stocking Loot


Santa has been here!

Reindeer Evidence!

Beau & I

Grandma Pam & Grandpa Jim giving out presents to each of the Grandchildren.

Squinkies for Sawyer and a Tangled Game for his Leapster!

Cavin got the Donkey Kong game for the wii!

Saylor got a new baby with all the baby accessories.

One of our traditions is laying out all the kids gifts and taking a picture so we can remember what they got each year!

Saylor’s gifts

Cavin’s Gifts

Sawyer’s Figurines

Sawyer’s Gifts

Picture with Santa

I went downstairs on Christmas Eve to put a gift for Beau under the tree and I saw Santa reaching into his bag.

I ran and grabbed my camera and took a picture!

Christmas Decor

The Family Christmas Card


4 thoughts on “Christmas Highlights 2010

  1. i adore your fotos!!!! what fun Christmas traditions. courtney – you are absolutely amazing – i love your decorations!!! what a fantastic idea of taking pics of the things the kids got each year – wish i had thought of that about 30 yrs ago!!! beau and court – you have a gorgeous and fun and sweet and adorable family!! i love you all and miss you tons!!!! xoxoxo

  2. Court everything is beautiful!
    Your family is adorable. What a fun morning!

  3. Way fun! You need to print your blog to remember these things. 🙂 Cutest kids…

  4. Wow. I really want some of those cookies! How could you torture us with those beautiful photos of something so delicious? The pcitures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.

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