Saylor Feeling Blue


My poor little baby girl just got over a really bad Virus. She spent 2 days in the hospital and had to be put on an IV to get her hydrated. After many tests they diagnosed her with a Gastrointestinal Virus. She had it for about 10 days and finally she is getting back to her normal, happy, sweet self. I am so thankful to have healthy children. My heart aches for those who have to watch their little children suffer. We love you little Saylor and are so glad you are feeling better.

Eating her First Popsicle

Grandma Debi and Grandpa Ken showed up to see how she was doing.

Look at those Jell-O stained lips.


8 thoughts on “Saylor Feeling Blue

  1. She looks so little in that big bed. And in the final picture she looks just like Sawyer!! What a cute girl. I am so glad she is getting better.

  2. Poor sweet little girl! So glad she is feeling better! She is such a love!

  3. i am so sorry! that is so NOT FUN. we had to stay with william in the hospital twice. it was awful to go through. my heart aches with you. sad. i hope she is doing a lot better. big hugs.

  4. Poor thing! I hope she is feeling better.

    • Thank you Andrea! I am sorry to hear about your flooding that is not fun! Good to hear from you.

  5. Oh, I hope she’s feeling better.

  6. Hi Court, I had no idea Saylor was so sick. That is so scary! I am glad she is feeling better. She looks so much like Cavin its crazy!! Such a cutie.

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