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The other day we came home and found that one of our frogs died.  I thought it was sad but no big deal it is a frog right? Sawyer and Cavin watched as we removed him from the tank with a spoon and dropped him in the toilet for one last good bye.  They seemed to be sad but they were okay with it.  We flushed him down and I went back to the kitchen to go about my daily duties. I heard Sawyer in his bedroom crying and I came in and he was laying on his bed and he was crying really hard into his pillow. He is the most tender hearted little boy and I just love him so much. I layed down by him for a minute and comforted him and told him we could get another froggy.  This made him happy.

Bye for now Mr. Frog.

PS this picture gives me flash backs of Biology Class


One thought on “LIFE LESSONS

  1. Oh so sweet. I love those tender moments. And aren’t you glad your toilet was clean for when you took that picture? The frog deserved that. 🙂

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