More Christmas Highlights for 2009

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New Christmas Sweaters!

My boys in front of Gma & Gpa Carlson’s tree

Seeing the lights at Temple Square

Riding the train down to see the lights!

Redford & Romney

Seeing the statue of Christ is always amazing!

Tami Marie, Redford & Romney

Cavin & Ella Snuggled up on the way back home.

Saylor Blue on the train

This character got on the train with his extra large funky bike. He said he was on the Warren Miller Movie and rode this bike down a mountain while he was standing up on the seat holding on to the upper handle bars. His breath wreaked of alcohol. He was nice and gave all the kids a candy cane.

The Annual Family Christmas Party at the Stewarts! The kids dress up and do the Nativity.

We drove through and saw the lights at Thanksgiving Point and then went and fed the Reindeer.

Our Annual Gingerbread House


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