Santa made a stop at our house!


Saylor got a doll & a new tea set!

Cavin got the Wii and a Trio set etc.

Cavin bought Beau a really cool tool that looks like a pen but it is a screw driver.

He bought it at his school store and wrapped it all up to suprise Beau. It was so cute to see how excited Cavin was to give it to Beau!

Beau also got a new shelving system for the garage, a G Star Jacket and some good books.

Sawyer got an awesome new bike!

Courtney got a ticket to the U2 show in California, new sheets, a jacket & purse etc.!


5 thoughts on “Santa made a stop at our house!

  1. Looks like you guys had such a fun morning! Love your purse and Jacket.

  2. Loved your card! And I should think Saylor’s silver ballet flats would be worth mentioning as well! A girl has priorities! Happy New Year!

  3. Your pictures look great! So much fun!

  4. So fun!! That bike is awesome what kind is that? I hope to see a photo of Saylor in it soon!!

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