Easter was very eventful this year. We had Easter Egg Hunts at Grandma Debi’s and Grandma Pam’s.  The Easter Bunny even stopped by our house too! Beau told the boys that the Easter Bunny might come sniff them while they were sleeping and this scared Sawyer so he didn’t want to go to bed.  We woke up to a trail of  “Bunny Poo” (Raisinets) that lead the boys down the stairs to their Easter Baskets.





The boys got a new pet in their Easter Baskets. They opened up this box and found 6 small caterpillars that we will watch go through their Metamorphis’s. They have already doubled in size in the past 2 weeks!img_7396


We Glittered and Dyed Easter Eggsimg_7107




Saylor’s First Easterimg_7511

Kyra’s darling tablescapetable

Our little Familyimg_7371

Ry & Mistyimg_7358

Cute Grandma Debiimg_7355

Easter Lootimg_7348

Grandma gave the kids clues to find their next Easter Surprise!

She hid fun items all around her house since it was cold outside.



Dad & Ryimg_7309

Easter is not complete without our Butterscotch Birds Nests!img_7302

The Boys and I made these cute cookies.img_7210


3 thoughts on “EASTER 2009

  1. Court these are great pics! What a fun easter!! Where did you get the Butterflies? That would be so fun to have and watch 🙂 LOVE the bunny poop idea!! 🙂

  2. Cute pic’s! You are good with the camera.

  3. You are the cutest mom ever… Seriously!!! I want to know where you got the butterflies…Jack would love that! 4 and a half months already. She is precious. Hope all is well.

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