Happy ST Patricks Day!


We woke up this morning and came out to have breakfast and there was a paper clover on our fridge. Sawyer noticed it and said “what is that green thing Mommy” ? I asked Sawyer if he put it there and he said no and I said neither did I. Sawyer then said ” I think it was a Leprechaun”. We read the clover and it was a clue that said “Go look on the front porch” we went out  and found another clue. After about 5 clues that lead us around the house we came to our final clue that said “Go downstairs and follow the Gold”. The boys ran down  and we found a trail of gold coins that we followed. Some were chocolate coins and others were just gold plastic coins. Cavin proceded to pick up every chocolate coin and leave behind every plastic coin. The gold coin trail lead us to the basement door that went outside. We looked out and saw more green coins on the grass. We followed them to the back side of the house and into Sawyer’s playhouse. Inside the play house we found a pot of gold that had golden eggs, coins and green necklaces.  A Leprechaun had made a visit that just made my boys day! We went back into eat breakfast and our milk was green.  Those mischevious little Leprechauns!pot-of-gold




4 thoughts on “Happy ST Patricks Day!

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  2. What a cute mom-er-Leprechaun- you have! I bet the boys loved it!

  3. Court thanks for letting my boys borrow your Leprachaun fun! They too loved the surprise. Thanks for sharing. Your surprise sounded much better then mine. I am surprised Sawyer even knew what a Leprechaun was.

  4. your the funnest mom ever!

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