Saylor’s Blessing Day


We blessed our sweet little Saylor on Sunday. It was such a wonderful day. Thanks to all who joined us. We had a luncheon at our home after to celebrate the special occasion.



15 thoughts on “Saylor’s Blessing Day

  1. Ah, She is Precious !! Pretty lil girl you have there =)

  2. I was just thinking about you today. Was wondering how you are feeling???
    And hey hey. What a darling and fun day! Yea for you guys!

  3. AND your house looks so cute! And the decorations are darling! The pictures are fabulous! Saylor is so very adoreable. I think she looks more like you! YEA!

    AND I don’t know why my parents picture always shows up on my comments. HAHA!

  4. She is such a beautiful baby.
    I am so impressed with you Courtney, you have such a niche for putting things together. It looks like it was a beautiful celebration.

  5. Saylor looks beautiful in those pictures! I love them… and, you do pull off a fabulous party!

  6. Courtney, you are super mom! What a beautiful day and a beautiful baby! Thanks again for letting us share her special day. PS I need to get some photo tips from you!

  7. HI, I am not sure if you recieved my comment a while back. I just wanted to let you know that my daughter is 7 years old and her name is Saylor Bleu…my son is 11 years old and his name is Sawyer. I was googling her name one day and found your blog. I can honestly say I have never known another Saylor Bleu! Your little girl is adorable. You have a very cute blog. Congratulations!

    Tania Wood

  8. Wow! It is such a small world. I’m a thirty year old women and my name is Saylor Bleu and I have brother named Cavin and my son is named Sawyer. You have a fun blog.

  9. She is so beautiful!!! That was a sweet blessing and a memorable day. Next time you see her in white will be her baptism and then her wedding and those days will probably be here too fast!

  10. Holy cow!! I don’t know how I came across your blog but I know your husband Beau!! I was looking at the pictures and I was like I know him!!! You have a beautiful family!!! Saylor is sooo cute and so are you two boys!!! Beau married himself a Beautiful wife!!! I grew up with Beau and Chanse!! Chanse and I are the same age and my sister Lisa use to baby sit for Jim and Pam!! YOu have awesome in-laws!!!I haven’ seen the Carlsons forever!!! The last time I saw Polly and Lacey they were toddlers and Breck was a baby!! Well congrats on the BEAUTIFUL family and tell Beau hi and his family!!!!
    Take care

  11. GREAT pictures Court! Everything was so darling. It was a beautiful day!

  12. Oh my, my friend how adorable is Saylor!? She is beautiful and what a fun little after party! Too cute, glad you guys had such a wonderful day!!!

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