Saylor Blue Carlson


Born on December 1st at 6:31 AM. She weighed 6lbs .08 Oz. and was 19 inches long.

She is a amazing and we can’t get enough of her.



13 thoughts on “Saylor Blue Carlson

  1. SO sweet! Congrats, Court. She’s so cute. I can’t wait to hold her again!

  2. Yay!! Congrats! She is ADORABLE! I can’t wait to meet her and hold her !

  3. WOW! I love her brand new baby wrinkly forehead!

  4. Congratulations! She’s beautiful! What a wonderful Christmas present!

  5. I am so happy she is here. Beautiful…..newby…Congrats…. love you guys.

  6. Congratulations! She is so beautiful.
    We have a little Saylor on her way to our house as well.

  7. She is beautiful! Congratulations. I love the name too.

  8. Congratulations! She is so sweet, I think she looks so much like Cavin. I can’t wait to see her in person!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so happy for you guys – what a doll she is! You’ll have to post about the birth story … I always love hearing the details!

  10. Congrats! She is a doll, we need to come and visit sometime and see you guys!

  11. Congratulations you guys!
    She is gorgeous and we can’t wait to see her!

  12. CONGRATS!! She is so precious! How are you feeling?

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