Our Newest Treasure


Beau went and helped clean out his Grandma’s house on Saturday and brought home this treasure. Without my acknowledgement he had put it in our front yard for everyone who drove by to see! The pictures don’t show you how big the statue actually is…It stands about 3 feet tall. Sawyer came and found me and said “Mommy come here” he then showed me the new addition to our front yard landscape. I laughed so hard! It still makes me laugh to think about it. That night we went and put it in my friend Tami’s front yard who lives around the corner from us. We put it there on Saturday night and drove by later in the day Sunday and it was still there! I start to laugh when I think of her finding it. I am sure she is wondering who in the heck put these half naked women in her garden!


6 thoughts on “Our Newest Treasure

  1. Dang! I was hoping to get that…!

    Haha- too funny! (Be sure to drop it off “accidentally” at Brecke’s house too.)


  3. No need to “accidentally” drop it off at Breckes house, I was a part of the original “placement team” so I will know where it came from. I’m a little upset you didn’t keep it in the yard, I think it adds great charm to the yard

  4. Ahhhhaaaaa!!!! What a surprise to see my lovely statue on your blog!!!! The mystery is solved!
    You are too funny!!! I wondered who was missing there piece of art! I even called my neighbors to see if it was theirs! Your mom even commented on it! It’s defiantly been noticed! Watch for where it ends up next! Unless of course you would like it back? You crack me up!!!

  5. Holy Sam, that is beautiful!!!! That is seriously hilarious!

  6. Tami came up to me at church very red-faced and told me all about the statue. Apparently she hadn’t noticed it on her way to church, but was surprised when she ran home during Sunday School and found two semi-clad ladies in her yard. Now I know the story, too funny!

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