Piggies in Transit!


We saw this Semi on the freeway the other day and I had to pull up on the side to see what the heck was inside. Here is what we found. I just happened to have my camera ready to go!

Other possible names for this post…”These little Piggies Went to Market” “Canadian Bacon Express” “Pig Hell” “If only Pigs Could Fly”

I had a few other ideas but they were not appropriate to post…

I sensed they were inappropriate when I mentioned the ideas to Beau and he didn’t laugh at all and I was laughing my head off (as I always do at my own jokes.)

Look closely at the pig body parts….I see a Ears, Eyes, Pig Feet, Tails and I think a few eyes.


3 thoughts on “Piggies in Transit!

  1. Ok. This REALLY cracks me up!

  2. Hey, You tell your hubby that I think you are hilarious!! I was laughing so hard at the ‘piggy parts!’

  3. Thanks for the laugh!

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