Better eat your carrots!

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We were driving down the street the other day and Cavin and Sawyer were having a conversation in the back seat that went like this. Cavin says “Sawyer, do you see that sign up there? ” Sawyer’s reply “No where?”…Cavin then says “I ate 2 carrots today so I can see it and you need to eat carrots so you can see it.”

We have been telling Cavin & Sawyer that Carrots are very good for them especially their eyes. Oh they are so dang cute.


One thought on “Better eat your carrots!

  1. no kidding. so cute. the other day andrew were on our way home from bear lake and andrew got mayo on his sandwich instead of mustard so we tried to tell him it was white mustard, and he said, “no it takes like sour cream” so i said, “and when have you ever had sour cream?” so he said, “i have had sour cream, you know on my hot chocolate!” and you have to know andrew is the most picky eater on the planet. but funny kids… haha.

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