Little Miracles


My Mom, Sister & I were able to go see my sweet little new nieces on Saturday. Look at these little precious angels. I couldn’t believe it when I saw them and how small and perfect they are. I was overcome with emotions when I saw them.  It has been such a long road for my sister in getting them here healthy and trying to keep them in till they were term. But they are here early and they are doing fairly well. My sister Brit has started a blog and you can see the latest details on the twins here.



3 thoughts on “Little Miracles

  1. Courtney,

    Your nieces are so beautiful. Our thoughts & prayers are with your sister & her family. I hope she can bring those babies home soon.

  2. Your nieces are so adorable and sweet. My thoughts are with your sister and your family. I hope she can bring those beautiful babies home soon!

  3. What sweethearts! They’re absolutely beautiful! I talked to your mom today and she told me that they’re still in the hospital. I hope they get to go home soon. I bet your sister is getting anxious. Does this mean you’re next Court? Seriously, I’m still waiting for you to look pregnant. Still not happening, and probably never will, you hot mom you!

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