Summer Fun!


The past month was so crazy busy with a trip to Montana as previously posted, a trip to Bear Lake, and a trip to Mexico.  Here are some photos of Bear Lake. We went with Beau’s family and it is always so much fun. The kids play on the beach all day long. It is so fun to watch them with their cousins. They all get a long so well and just love being together. All Cavin wanted to do was ride the 4 wheeler on the beach. He loves the 4 Wheeler! He did get to drive and he did a great job!  Beau took turns pulling the kids along the beach on the knee board. He did run a few miles that morning as well. What a great workout day for him!  I am working on the pictures from Mexico. I will post them soon! Happy Summer!


2 thoughts on “Summer Fun!

  1. Love the picture of the BFF’s playing in the sand.

  2. What a fun and great summer you guys are having!

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