Cancun here we come!


Beau recently accepted a new position with his company and they told him if he wanted to take a vacation, now would be a great time to do it. Within a few hours Beau had a trip planned for the two of us to Cancun, Mexico. We are looking forward to some relaxation time at the pool and the beach. We are most excited about swimming with the Whale Sharks! We will be swimming with them on Wednesday. We will take lots of pictures and post them later. For now here are a few photos of what they look like!


5 thoughts on “Cancun here we come!

  1. Holy Crap! That is so awesome! Beau knows the way to a woman’s heart eh. Sun&Sea baby! Lovin it. Wish we were on board too! We went to Mexico in May. It was so beautiful. We were in Cancun actually. Love it! Have so much fun! Be safe. And don’t drink the water… sick sick sick! Ö

  2. How cool is that? What a great hubby! I can’t wait to see the photos, you always have such great ones! Enjoy your R&R!!!

  3. WOW!!! I am jealous, although with the picture of its mouth open……I m not so sure! J/K!! Have sooooo much fun, I will be wishing I was there!

  4. I had no idea those sharks were that huge!! I’m sure you guys had a killer time, I’m excited to see pictures.


  5. What a great trip. I love Cancun. Whale sharks pregnant? Your a stud. I guess when they have a mouth that big for plankton you can’t be too worried. 🙂 Keep us posted.

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