A little piece of Heaven


We just returned from a dreamy trip to one of our favorite places, Lake Blaine, Montana.  Beau and I spent our Honeymoon here almost 9 years ago. It was so fun to take our little boys and share this little treasure with them.  Lake Blaine is located near Glacier National Park near the Canadian Border.  As you can see from the pictures it is absolutely spectacular.  We had amazing weather! Each day it was in the 90’s.  Beau had to do some work in Kalispell so we took the family and made a little vacation out of it.  Here are pictures of some of our highlights.

This is our dear friends cabin on the Lake where we stayed!

Breath Taking!

 This is their Tree House below. It is a replica of their cabin but located up in the trees. I took the boys up their each morning to watch a movie and hang out.

Below is a picture inside the tree house! It is furnished and even has electricity. 

This place is a boys dream!

We took out the skiff one evening.

Sawyer is a little Fish! He just loved jumping off the dock into the water.

Sawyer and his Barbie Doll Fishing Pole that he had to have!

Sawyer found this Coon Tail Hat that he loved wearing!

Beautiful Montana. Wide open spaces with lots of Farm land.  

Lake Blaine

Ice- Cream in Big Fork a darling little nearby town.

Cavin, Sawyer and Henry!

This is our live bait that Beau bought. Leeches! Yummy.

Fishing with Daddy!

Our Little Family!

This is a special Art Gallery to us!  While browsing in this gallery, almost 9 years ago Beau and I found this darling photograph of a little boy asleep on the back of a horse. The gallery owner mentioned to us that this little boy was actually the photographers son and he did actually fall asleep on the horse! She continued to tell us that the little boys name was CAVIN after Calving Season when all the baby cows are born in the spring. Beau and I loved the name Cavin ever since and that is how we got his name.

We took the boys to a Bear Park where you drive through in your car and look at the Bears.

Here is where the turtles gathered each day to bathe in the sun.


6 thoughts on “A little piece of Heaven

  1. Love the pictures! What a beautiful place! What a cute family, i can’t wait to see your little girl!

  2. What a wonderful trip full of so many great memories (both old and new). Beautiful place!!!

  3. Such beautiful country. Sometimes I think we miss Montana more than Utah. Remind me some time to tell you our “Bear World” story. Our dog still has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  4. I miss that place. It truly is heaven. You made me want to go back right now. That is one of our favorite places ever! So much fun, beautiful and peaceful. How are you doing? Pregnancy? Miss you guys.

  5. Love the diving board on the dock! How sweet is that… Love the fishin, way to go boys! Did ya fry him up? or Catch and Release? Either way, super cool. What a great place! Love where Cavin’s name came from. That is so sentimental and darling. Looking so good pregnant! Your family is so cute. Happy times… Love it. Take Care and go make some more! Memories and Happy Times that is! Ü

  6. What a fun, relaxing vacation! The lake is beautiful!! And Court, I didn’t know you were pregnant! Congratulations!!

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