Crazy Exciting News in our Family!!


My sister Brittany called me this morning because she found out the sex of her baby that is due in September! She already has 2 boys that are 15 months apart! I screamed out loud when she told me that she found out she is not only having a baby GIRL, but 2 baby GIRLS! Twins don’t run in either side of she or her husbands family and the other crazy thing is that she got pregnant with a IUD in she was not planning for any babies at this time but now she is getting 2! Oh I think that is going to be so much fun having 2 little twin sisters.

Congratulations Brit & Eric!


3 thoughts on “Crazy Exciting News in our Family!!

  1. Seriously???!!! That is so exciting! You gotta tell her: twins are thee coolest!

  2. Please tell her I said congratulations, so exciting. Wow, crazy fun!

  3. It’s a crazy-fun wild ride 🙂 Congrats to her!

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