Trimming Our Tree


It is tradition in our family to decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. I was particularly excited to decorate this year because last year after Christmas I went out and got all new decorations! It was like having an early Christmas for me as I opened up all the packages of decor. The boys loved decorating too! We let them put up a tree in their room this year also.


2 thoughts on “Trimming Our Tree

  1. Court, I love your tree. Those boys did a fantastic job…that cute picture of them should be published…TOO CUTE! I have a whole bunch of new stuff packed away and I am just itching to dig in. To be honest, there is over 20 boxes…I can’t even remember half the stuff. FUN!FUN!

  2. I love your tree!!! I remember seeing all of your purchases last year and thinking that it was going to be so cool. It far exceeded all my expectations-Great job Court! The picture of the boys trimming the tree is darling. We had a lot of fun with Beau here too. We miss you guys so much. You will for sure have to be in on the next trip out!

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