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Lacey Jane tagged me so here you go:

Jobs I’ve Had:
*President of The Babysitter’s Club
*Collections Specialist
*Ride Operator at Jungle Jim’s Playland
*Interior Design Assistant

Favorite Foods:
*Shaved Ice
*Cotton Candy
*Mexican Food
*Green Salad

Places to get away for the weekend:
*Park City
*Lake Powell

Movie’s I can watch over and over:
*Love Actually
*Something Has Got to Give
*Dying Young
*The Waitress

Guilty Pleasures:
*Reese’s Stick’s
*Mowing my lawn
*Movie Theatre Popcorn
*Chewy Sweets
*Peanut Butter
*Diet Pepsi
*Going to any Gardening store especially Engh Gardens

Places I’ve Lived:
*New Jersey

Favorite Vacations:
*Grand Turk
*East Coast

What were likely the first things you thought of when you met your significant other for the first time?
* I thought he was absolutely darling and I could eat him up, however…I thought he was too much of a player for me…Not going to take any chances…too risky. (I am glad I took the risk!)

If in a “jam” with your spouse, what tactics do you use to get out of the “doghouse”?
* I do have to say that I am not usually the one that is in the doghouse, however I know that all I would have to do to get him to forgive me is say “Honey, why don’t you take the entire day Saturday and play golf.” Done…forgiven.

Websites I visit daily:
* All of my friends blogs that I have links for on my blog
* KSL News & weather
* Email

Places I’d rather be right now:
* Sitting on the Beach
* Scuba Diving
* Getting a Massage or a pedicure

Who sent this to me?
*Lacey Jane

Now I get to pick three other blog buddies to survey:



One thought on “I HAVE BEEN TAGGED…

  1. Loved this! Didn’t know you worked at Jungle Jim’s… sweet.

    I love that you enjoy to mow the lawn… by brothers would never let me!

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